Use your broker to add value

No matter what stage of the buying process you're at, a broker can help every step of the way.

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6 Jan
Use your broker to add value

Regardless of whether you are applying for your first mortgage, refinancing your current one or expanding your portfolio, a broker can add value at every step.

Using a broker can give you more options to find a loan solution for your situation.

First home

From your very first step, a broker can add convenience, expert knowledge and personalised service to your homebuying experience.

A mortgage broker assesses your situation and your financials to develop a better picture of your chances of qualifying for a home loan. They will also help you to assess your options, compare rates, fees and loan features.


If you want to know whether your home loan is still the right for you, a mortgage broker can run a home loan health check to see if there are better options.

Perhaps you want to reduce your repayments, do renovations or consolidate other debts into your mortgage for one easy repayment? A broker can present a solution to suit your situation.


It’s worth using a mortgage broker when building your investment portfolio – even for seasoned buyers.

A broker will understand market trends and can help you find finance options to make the equity you may have in other properties work for you.


Some brokers just focus on the loan and do not help with other related services such as insurance. However, a Mike Pero Adviser can help.

With access to a panel of insurance providers, they can help find the right cover for your needs.

Next step

To find out more about how a broker can help you with the next step in your homeownership journey, reach out to a a Mike Pero Mortgage Adviser today.

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