Know your budget with a Mike Pero mortgage calculator

Mike Pero provides a range of mortgage calculators to help borrowers better understand their finances and how much they can borrow or save. Whether you need a mortgage calculator to work out your borrowing power, loan repayments or to find out what extra repayments will save you on your mortgage – you’ll find them all here. And, if you need help budgeting, there’s a budget planner as well.

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Why should you use a home loan calculator?

Home loan calculators are great for helping borrowers understand how much it could cost to service a loan over the loan term. You can work out what your monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments would be and then factor that in to any budgeting.

With our home loan calculators you can see what your repayments would be at different interest rates – so if rates were to change, you can see how much more you would save or need to pay. When buying a property it’s important to fully understand the financial cost – so use our mortgage calculators to help prepare for every scenario.

What could impact my home loan repayments?

The amount that you have to repay on your mortgage each month all comes down to what your interest rate is over the term of your home loan. If the official cash rate drops, there’s a chance your interest rate, and as a result your repayments, could drop as well. That’s where using a mortgage calculator can come in handy. You can use a mortgage calculator to work out how any change to your interest rate could affect you.

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