Disability & trauma - support when you need it most

Developing a life-threatening illness or injury can take its toll on your physical and mental state. Modern advances in medical treatment mean the chances of surviving are much higher – however even being diagnosed affects you. You will have to deal with increased stress, lengthy treatment and a lot of time away from your day-to-day work commitments. Trauma cover will help you get through this tough time with:

  • A lump sum payment: This can be paid to you if you suffer a serious illness to ensure you can cope with the consequential effects on your lifestyle, family and work.
  • Family protection: A monthly income can be paid to you and your family in the event you suffer from a specified critical illness or injury.
  • Trauma related income cover: Up to 75% of your gross income can be paid as a monthly installment until you reach age 65.

Income when you can’t work anymore

In the event that total or permanent disability affects your ability to work - Mike Pero can help ensure you don’t come under financial stress. According to the Ministry of Health 40% of New Zealanders will suffer some sort of disability or long term illness before they reach age 65. If the disability is permanent then this insurance policy can:

  • Pay off or contribute to mortgage repayments
  • Pay any other debts such as personal loans
  • Safeguard your family’s future
  • Provide a full-time caregiver
  • Make modifications to the family home or vehicle
  • Meet ongoing costs of medical treatment

With the help of your adviser you can decide what cover is best for you – call us today.

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