Protect your investment with landlord insurance

Renting out an investment property can be a great way to create additional cash flow and help with any mortgage payments – but it also comes with risks. That’s why landlords need to make sure they’re covered. Mike Pero offers a range of landlord protection insurance policies – to deal with undesirable tenants or unforeseen property damage.

Cover is also available for missed rental payments, damage to the interior and structure of the building by tenants or natural disaster, and cleaning costs should the house require decontamination. And if an accident occurs at the property that hurts or injures someone and you’re liable – we can make sure you are covered for that as well.

If you’ve worked hard and bought an investment property – make sure it doesn’t all come undone by something unexpected. Call your local Mike Pero Adviser to find out more today.

Mike Pero has access to a panel of insurance providers that offer products for all types of earners – so speak to an adviser today.

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