How Mike Pero can help with your investment loan

Kiwis have always had a love affair with investing in bricks and mortar and the benefits are obvious. Property represents a tangible and reliable investment and when there are favourable interest rates it's relatively cost effective to manage. Mortgage brokers understand how important it is that investors get the right investment loan – that’s why Mike Pero Advisers have access to a wide panel of lenders that cater to most borrowers. From standard investment loans to out of the box solutions – there’s something at Mike Pero for almost everyone.

Important things to know about deposits

Where you want to buy and who you borrow from may dictate the size of the deposit you need. For most, the minimum deposit is 35% of the value of the property. However, the good news is that if you have a smaller deposit, there are other options available outside standard bank loans. So whatever your situation, it’s worth talking with a Mike Pero Adviser to explore all the possibilities.

A gifted deposit can help your portfolio

Although traditional lenders typically like to see borrowers save for their deposit over an extended period of time, Mike Pero also has access to those lenders that accept savings from other sources as a deposit. So if you’ve recently inherited money, or sold one of your family vehicles, or even been gifted money – the choice becomes yours whether to use these funds to build your investment portfolio.

Invest in living the coastal lifestyle

Most Kiwis dreams of owning a holiday house by the beach. It opens up the ability to spend weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides an option for retirement further down the track. However, for an investor, buying property by the coast is a major decision. If you want to use it regularly then you can’t put tenants in it and even if you do rent it out, a location could mean the rental market may not be as strong as a city dwelling. More and more, Mike Pero is seeing couples use the equity in their city home to help purchase coastal property. So if this sounds like your dream and you need help crunching the numbers, then connect with your local Mike Pero Adviser today and get moving.

Build the right team around you

They say one of the most valuable things to investors is their support team. Not surprisingly, Mike Pero Advisers are often the first specialists that investors team up with when starting their investment property portfolio. So if you are looking to invest in property and haven’t yet connected with your local Mike Pero Adviser, make a call today!

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