Consolidate your debt with a personal loan

The pressure we feel when multiple debts start to mount up is something that can often feel overwhelming. If you’re starting to feel the weight of managing multiple repayments then debt consolidation may be the solution that helps you move forward with peace of mind.

Consolidating your payments could be a simple way to help you keep on top of your finances. Mike Pero can explore combining your existing credit, personal and even vehicle debts into one easy loan. That way, you have one interest rate and one manageable repayment coming out of your account each month.

Income when you can’t work anymore

In the event that total or permanent disability affects your ability to work, Mike Pero can help ensure you don’t come under financial stress. According to the Ministry of Health 40% of New Zealanders will suffer some sort of disability or long-term illness before they reach age 65. If the disability is permanent, this insurance policy can:

  • Pay off or contribute to mortgage repayments
  • Pay any other debts such as personal loans
  • Safeguard your family’s future
  • Provide a full-time caregiver
  • Make modifications to the family home or vehicle
  • Meet ongoing costs of medical treatment

With the help of your adviser you can decide what cover is best for you – call us today.

Mike Pero has access to a panel of mortgage protection insurance providers that offer products for all types of earners – so speak to an adviser today.

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